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These are photo galleries for recent travels.

May 2017 with Michael Ellis and Sonam Jatso

A remarkable expedition over the extent of Bhutan with access to areas not normally visited by "outsiders".

April 2017 with Arthur Meyerson and George Nobechi

October 2016, with Arthur Meyerson

August 2016 with Haukur Snorrason

December 2015 - once more with Arthur Meyerson

November 2015 with Eddie Soloway and friends

October 2015 Road Trip

May 2015 with Country Walkers

This was a photo excursion to chase the cherry blossoms from Tokyo north to Hokaido.

San Miguel has become a Mecca for photographers, and I had a wonderful time with a talented group.

First visit to Iceland was a photo tour to remote highlands region with a small group.

Eastern Cuba is so different from Havana. Wonderful experiences with people and morning light in the tropics.

This was my first trip to Japan and I kept it simple, concentrating on people and fall colors around Kyoto and Hiroshima.

To discover slot canyons with my old college pal, Phil. Many places were closed due to flash flood concerns.

The Northern Italy region around Turino and Alba with a stop over in Southern France along the way.

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